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Running Made Easy

Our next series of running Sessions, “Running Made Easy” will be in two parts. Each will look at the specifics of how to improve your running and also how to support your running.  All will be ideal for runners working towards a spring or early summer event, form the 5k to the marathon and beyond into Ultra’s.  Each session will follow the guidelines and principals from England Athletics.

Stuart, has worked for England Athletics delivering these principals at Club level throughout the region, for both athlete, runner and also coaches. As such we believe these workshops will also be ideal for coaches and aspiring coaches, both LiRF and CiRF qualification.

All will be ideal for runners working towards a spring or early summer event, from the 5k to the marathon and beyond into Ultra’s.  For those looking to expand their knowledge and with a view to how their training week may look will also find these sessions very insightful.

All the sessions will either head out from the Accelerate Running Store or will be based from the ‘Studio’.  All sessions start at 10am. They will finish by midday, with a coffee and a cuppa back at the store.  Please arrive by 9:45am.
Venue will be the traffic free area of the Olympic Legacy Park or from the Woodburn Stadium.

Running Made Easy Part 1: Developing your Fitness and Supporting Your Running
During the Part 1 series of workshops we will look at the importance of each module in putting a session together and also as a standalone training workout. In both cases the process is ensuring we are better prepared to avoid injury and to run better with improving movement patterns.

  • 5th November, 10am – The Importance and Role of Strength and Mobility
    Strength & mobility are key components for good running and to help keep yourself injury free. We will look at key exercises to help develop your strength, and to improve your mobility.  We will cover how and when to fit these into the running session or as a standalone workout.  This session will be part inside and down at the Olympic Legacy Park.
  • 12th November, 10am – Running Technique for every Runner.
    Good technique can make all the difference to your running.   We will go through some key technique tips and drills plus pointers on how to run uphill easier – just a little important in Sheffield!
  • 26th November, 10am – Speed Development, including bringing the above together to form a comprehensive and effective speed workout.
    Speed isn’t always a flat out effort! We will look at how to develop speed, what this can look like on the track and do a session that will show you how to determine what speed you should be running at for the reps.

Running Made Easy Part 2: Training Planning
Part 2 brings everything together so that you can begin the process of developing your own training plan for success.  These workshops will be mostly indoors, although we will be heading outdoors to capitilise on the development from Part 1.

  • 14th January, 10am – Goal Setting.
    Events goals are one thing, yet what are the fitness components you need for the event? We will explore both and look at how to prioritise the components of fitness from Part 1.
  • 28th January, 10am – Heart Rate Training.
    The benefits of heart rate training explained, plus effective ways to work out your training zones.
  • 11th February, 10am – Training Planning
    So how do we pull all this information together into an effective Training Plan? We will look at what a training week can look like, when to put in speed & strength sessions, how to periodise your training and what key sessions to include for your goals.  In doing so we will explain straightforward steps to success.

Cost is £25 per session, £65 per Part (1 or 2), or £120 for both parts.
Numbers are strictly limited to 12 people per session.

If you would to Get In Touch and find out more then please follow the link below.  To book and pay for the Running Made Easy series of workshops and sessions then please call: 0114 242 2569

We hope to see you soon!

Nancy & Stuart :-)

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