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Orthoses and Insoles

Orthoses and insoles are often requested, unfortunately often without understanding the ‘why’.  The APC podiatrists will take you through a thorough assessment to understand the reason why you may need help and support from either a custom made orthose or a pair ‘off the shelf’.
From the assessment we establish how your function is contributing to your injury or restricting your movement. The orthoses will help you change your movement pattern but should not impact on good function

Prescribed orthoses i.e. we give them a job to do. are ideal for longer term use. We use a variety of materials and designs for our custom orthoses and the pros and cons of each will be discussed during the assessment.
Temporary orthoses, such as off the shelf, are ideal to provide temporary help and support.

We use orthoses for two main reasons:

  • Firstly to take the strain of a structure that is injured
  • Secondly to help you change the way you are moving.

To book for an assessment for Orthoses please book ‘Podiatry New Patient’.