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Having discovered a passion for supporting others with their training goals as a Personal Trainer, Paddy was
soon looking for ways to help people that went beyond the normal approach.
Paddy’s area of expertise comes within Strength Training. He has a breadth of knowledge and is eager to share
and put this into practice when coaching the wide variety of athletes he provides support to from endurance to
team sport athletes of all ages and levels.
Being calm and patient are among Paddy’s greatest assets. He immerses himself into his athlete’s journeys
ensuring they have his full support and are well prepared to take on their endeavours. In recent years, Paddy has
become more interested in biomechanics and movement patterns of the body and how they relate to specific
sports and exercise. A greater understanding of heart rate training and periodisation has also been developed under the guidance
of Stuart.

Paddy continues to run and train to a high standard. He is coached by Stuart and is an active member of Team Accelerate.
Both Paddy and Stuart work closely together to help athletes develop, so combing their skill sets for better outcomes.

Paddy is able to help with group training and One to One Sessions:

Strength and Conditioning – body weight through to lifting weight
Core Condition and Stability
Movement analysis and development
Running Technique
Coaching Programs and Schedules
Team Sport Athletes

Paddy’s Coaching philosophy:

  • To encourage athletes to challenge themselves, be open to ideas and focus on continually improving.
  • To provide a support system that ensures focus and balance between competition, training and life.
  • To develop structures and routines that encourage consistency of training creating a strong, confident and able
  • To nurture untapped potential, ensuring there is always fun and adventure included in the process.
  • To create a positive environment in which to train that enables development, self awareness and an attitude that
    encourages the athlete to believe in themselves and their abilities.
  • Everything Paddy does puts the athlete at the centre of the Coaching process, allowing for and encouraging
    constructive discussions and two way conversations.


  • EIF Master Personal Trainer – Active IQs Advanced Diploma in Personal Training (REPs Level 2 & 3)
  • EIF Lifestyle-Fitness Coach
  • EIF Nutrition Coach
  • EIF Exercise Specialist
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach – Active IQs Level 4 in Strength & Conditioning
  • Muscles & Movement Specialist
  • Mobility & Flexibility Specialist
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • United Kingdom Athletics LiRF & CiRF