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Oliver Brailsford (BSc) is the lead Sports and Exercise Therapist.

Oliver trained and studied Sport and Exercise Therapy to degree level at Leeds Beckett University. He has since gained experience working with a breadth of sports people across a number of sports.

He is able to offer:
– Sports Massage and Soft-Tissue Therapy
– Soft Tissue Injury Diagnosis and Treatment
– Rehabilitation planning and ongoing treatment

Oliver, will be working closely with the Team Accelerate Athletes as well as those coming to see him.  This will also include:

– Pre-Race or event Massage to ensure no muscular tightness
– Post event treatment to aid and speed up recovery
– Day to day treatments following training to aid injury prevention
– Exercise with strength and mobility planning to aid recovery and injury prevention

BSc: Sport and Exercise Therapy, Leeds Beckett University.
Member of the Society of Sports Therapists (SST)