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Nancy is the lead strength & conditioning coach and is also an experienced running coach at Accelerate Performance Centre, Sheffield.  Her areas of expertise include:

  • strength & conditioning
  • flexibility & mobility
  • injury rehabilitation & return to exercise
  • running coaching & training plans
  • pilates
Nancy is a running coach (and Pilates teacher) and works with athletes and fitness clients of all abilities and ages. Nancy takes a multidisciplinary approach: drawing on the various benefits of run coaching, movement skills, and strength/conditioning work. This allows her to create training plans and technique sessions that are unique to the individual, whether they are working towards their first 5k, looking to recover from injury, or striving to break that PB barrier.Nancy has always loved being active. She first discovered strength, conditioning & Pilates in 2003 as part of her recovery from a serious back injury. Nancy understands the battle with chronic pain and injury, and knows first hand how frustrating it can be not to be able to do the things you love (she had to give up running for a long time). But Nancy also knows that doing strength and conditioning & Pilates work in combination helps her to maintain a healthy and mostly pain-free body while improving her racing performance and recovery time. Nancy now helps others do the same and to enjoy the real-life benefits this brings.
When Nancy is not coaching, she loves nothing better than a muddy trail race in the winter sun and cycling up an alpine mountain in the summer!   In her downtime, she enjoy’s walking the dog along the hills in the Peak District.