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Meet the Team

Team work!  We see it as really important. Working together with you, the expertise of the team at the Accelerate Performance Centre is there to help you. From injury support through to keeping you moving with greater resilience. Short term solutions into long term gains.

Together we the APC Team offers an enviable level of expertise.  We work within the community, with groups and on a one to one basis.  We are all fully qualified and regular update our knowledge and expertise. We have worked with Team GB, both Sheffield Football Clubs and England Athletics amongst others.  From professional sports people through to those that are looking to stay fit and healthy.

Diagnosis >>> Treatment >> Recovery Plan > Prevention
Stuart Hale, Performance Coach, Accelerate Performance Centre, Sheffield.

Stuart, Coaching >>

Issy Tounge, Physiotherapist, Accelerate Performance Centre, Sheffield.

Issy, Physiotherapy >>

Colin Papworth, Podiatrist, Accelerate Performance Centre, Sheffield.

Colin, Podiatry >>

Abbie Dagg, Podiatrist, Accelerate Performance Centre, Sheffield

Abbie, Podiatry >>

Nancy Staniland, Run & Strength Coach, Accelerate Performance Centre, Sheffield

Nancy, Run & Strength Coach >>

Karyn Whittaker, Mind Set Coach, Accelerate Performance Centre, Sheffield.

Karyn, Psychology Coach >>

Oliver Brailsford , Sport & Muscular Therapist, Accelerate Performance Centre, Sheffield.

Oliver BSc, Sport & Exercise Therapist >>