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Training Plans

One to One Bespoke, Tailored Training Plans… Your very own Running Coach.

Online coaching is OK, seeing someone face to face on a regular basis even better.  That’s how we like to coach at the Accelerate Performance Centre.
The Accelerate Performance Centre Coaches are very much hands and also very much believe that coaching is more than just a bespoke training plan.

Working on a twelve week basis, we are here for you for the ‘long-run’.  The athletes we work with are often here for the long term and that just increases the opportunities for healthier running and improvement.  So where do we start, what will we look at and do to get things started?

  • Goal Setting – Race or Challenge, plus Fitness Goals
  • A review of current training
  • A look at available training time, allowing for family, work and social commitments
  • Strength, stability and running technique assessment
  • A long term overview plan.

From here we can begin the process of writing and developing a tailored plan for you.  This will include a couple of meetings in this 12-week period to also write a personalised Strength plan and to give you the tools to help aid your running technique.

Each 12 week block will include:

  • A face to face meeting, usually involving a tailored session – for example run technique development
  • As much communication as you need
  • Training plan and diary (shared) – a diary is ideal for a starting point with any review.
  • Use of Heart Rate Training Zones (A Lactate Test may be advised – optional additional service)
  • Ongoing training progress review, often this is as required.
  • Fitness goal evaluation

There are a number of methods and ways to train to improve fitness.  Through agreement we will work with you to find the best way forward. Much of this is through ongoing discussion and evaluation.  There is unfortunately a no one-fit-for-all.

You will also have priority access to all other areas of support available at the Accelerate Performance Centre: Physiotherapy, Massage, Lactate Testing and so on.  This will ensure continuity in the support that you receive in working with your coach.

The APC Coaches are Nancy Staniland and Stuart Hale

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