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Team Sports

Running Technique and Movement are often neglected in Team Sports.
Yet, it is both fundamental and essential to effective development as a player and a Team.
When coupled with strength and stability development the results often exceed expectations.  Both should be considered as essential and ongoing.

Programs for development and progression are available for individuals, small groups and for clubs and Teams.

Our Introduction Program For Team Players is ideal for youngsters, as part of injury rehabilitation and for senior players new to running technique development.  These sessions allowing for warm up and cool down are generally 60-90 minutes.

  • Available from 1 – 3, 1 – 6 or for a full 12 sessions
  • Run Technique and Movement Development
  • Introduction to Functional Stability and Strength
  • Acceleration and Speed Development
  • Introduction to using Plyometrics
  • Introduction to Mobilisation and Flexibility

Our More involved Development Program for Team Players is ideal for more experienced Team Athletes.  This program can be further tailored to include pre-season training preparation or to focus on specifics of strength development and functional movement and technique.  It is likely that you will be working with a qualified S&C Coach and as well as a Running Technique Coach.
These sessions are generally a minimum of 90 minutes.

  • Available across a minimum of 6 sessions
  • Video Analysis of Running Technique
  • Coached Technique and Speed Development sessions tailored to the individual
  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Plyometrics and Power Development
  • Strength Development and Plan
  • Speed endurance

In addition to the above we can also work with heart rate coupled with post match GPS information.  For many team athlete sub maximal heart rate based training is having a profound effect on recovery times and reducing fatigue induced injury.

The points above can also be used through a 6-10 week off-season or pre-season development plan.  Alternatively, specific focus can also be given to either strength development or running development over a six week period.