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Sports & Psychology Coaching

Unlike Counseling Sports and Psychology Coaching is about finding ways and processes to deal with and understand mental issues.  Take race day anxiety or pressure to perform as examples from running.  Often referred to as Mindset Coaching, it is for more than just for running it is also utilised greatly and successfully for helping with issues arising from everyday life.

Changing your mind is easy, says Karyn. We do it all the time.  But sometimes ideas that don’t serve us well can get stuck in our brains.  That’s where mindset coaching can help.

Mindset is about developing effective processes to help anyone deal with specific challenges, circumstances or nerves and anxiety:

  • Help with confidence, nerves and anxiety around events and competition
  • Finding ways around negative thoughts or situations that just keep repeating themselves
  • When caught between two opposing circumstances, opinions or in a situation you have to find a positive way forward from. This could be at work or socially.
  • Looking to find a way forward that is positive and right for you.
  • For help when you have lost your ‘mojo’.
  • Effective goal setting that you believe is realistic, with a mindset to go forward positively.

Sessions are led by Karyn Whitaker, an experience Mindset Coach who has studied and practiced a variety of approaches to changing minds and mindsets for over 30 years.

Karyn has been helping members of Team Accelerate and the results have been excellent.  Following this experience Karyn has joined the Team here at the Accelerate Performance Centre.  You can read about her work with the Team athletes Here >>

One to One Sessions
These sessions are very much centered around you and what you are looking for help with.
Karyn, offers one to one sessions on a regular weekly basis.  These sessions can be very thought provoking and can take a little time to process. That’s considered normal and the time between sessions can vary as a result.  In most cases it is expected that you will need no more than one or two sessions, with no more than over a six over a time period of a few months.
Karyn is able to work with those in their late teens and upwards.

Workshops and Small Groups
Yes!  Karyn, has already started to run these working with groups and their aims.  This will always be centered around the group with options for the individual to see Karyn on a One to One basis.  Karyn, is more than happy to discuss the areas you feel your group can be coached.  Please get in touch to discuss this further.

Karyn is available for 1:1 Sessions or can booked for small group sessions at the Accelerate Performance Centre.  To find out more you can get in touch Here >> or alternatively please call 0114 242 2569

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