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Lactate Testing

Have you ever wondered how you can optimise your training? Perhaps you have a heart rate monitor and have no idea what numbers are meaningful?

If so a lactate test may be the way forward for your training. It is a straightforward way of ensuring you know and understand the right heart rate numbers for you and when you should be using them.

The process involves you running on a treadmill, starting at a comfortable pace. Pace is gradually increased and periodically small blood samples are taken to measure the amount of lactate you are producing. This information if correlated with heart rate and speed measurements to determine your:

  • Heart rate training zones
  • Aerobic Threshold
  • Anaerobic Threshold

You will also be given time to discuss what the different training zones mean and how you should be using them through your training plan.

To make an appointment please call 0114 242 2569 or to talk to one of our coaches about how we can help.

Get in touch to make an appointment for a lactate test.