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Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility and Mobility are closely linked together and important for a healthy lifestyle, perhaps more so for the active runner and sports person.
Yet, we find these are areas that are simply ignored.
Poor mobility and flexibility are often linked to injury and pain, plus poor movement patterns.  There is a clear difference between the two and also when you should add them into your running session or routine.

  • Flexibility is considered passive. That is you stretch a muscle and hold that position.
  • Mobility is dynamic. That is you move a limb through its full range of movement.

Muscles, ligaments, joints and your fascia all require a good range of movement.
It has been amazing to see the improvement in running movement following a mobilisation session.  Many have been amazed to discover how much easier their running feels.
Additionally, it is worth noting that poor mobility or flexibility can be the cause of pain somewhere else.

  • Lower back pain can sometimes be caused by tight hamstrings.
  • Poor posture, say leaning forward, could be caused by poor mobility through the hip flexors and ightness of the psoas (main muscle connecting torso to your lower body).

Our mobility sessions are offered on a one to one basis or in groups of up to four.  During each session you will discover:

  • The areas you need to focus on specific to you
  • When to mobilise and when to stretch
  • The correct technique for each
  • Mobility with a theraband.

This session is ideal for all:

  • All ages, the focus is still tailored to the individual
  • Post injury and surgery involving any joint
  • Healthy runners through to the highly competitive.

Lead coach for Flexibility and Mobility is Nancy.

If you would like to find out more or make an appointment please call 0114 242 2569.

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