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The Accelerate Performance Centre Running Coaches are highly experienced and qualified. They have worked with runners across all ages, from beginner to elite level. Running Coaching is more than just about having your own training plan, there is so much that is available. All of which is so important in supporting your running to aid improvement and to avoid injury.  We can also offer tailored one to one sessions through to small groups.

Our coaches have and are working for England Athletics, Professional Football Clubs and within the local community.

Supporting Your Running. Strength, mobility and Run Technique. Find out more by getting in touch.

Accelerate Performance Centre Coaching offers:

Much of the above is available as group sessions or on one to one basis.  We can also come to you. In addition it could be that you would like to sit down and discuss your training, planning and how to move forward. These Training Review sessions are tailored to you and many have found them extremely helpful.

Accelerate Performance Centre Coaching: One to One or Group Sessions. Contact us to find out more.

Personalised Training Plans: Our coaches always prefer to work longer term than just for a short period of time. Most people employ a coach to work towards a specific event and our coaches will also look at how you Support Your Running for improved fitness and therefore outcomes.

Mindset Coaching and Mental Health: Increasingly we find Mental Health a key reason to ‘run for health’. Mindset Coaching is about finding ways and processes to deal with and understand mental issues, for both health-runners and the more competitive. Mindset Coaching is for more than for just running, it is also utilised greatly and successfully for helping with issues arising from everyday life.

Mindset Coaching and Mental Health - New to Accelerate Performance Centre

Strength and Stability and Run Technique: Often these go together as one session. They are both key to ‘Supporting Your Running’, increasing your chances of improvement or for keeping injuries at bay.  These one to one session are available most days, on a One to One Basis or for small groups.

Flexibility and Mobility: This is another positive area to support your running. Both can help with improving movement patterns and when coupled with ‘Muscular Activation’ the difference can be marked. These one to one session are available most days, on a One to One Basis or for small groups.

In-depth Movement Analysis: Getting into the detail with video analysis and using force plates that you run over. From here we can help you to get the most from your movement patterns and look at how to improve things.

Lactate Testing for Heart Rate: If you train or want to train to heart rate then understanding your training zones is essential. Discover your Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds to help optimise how you train.

Team Sports: Introductory and Development Programs available for juniors and the more experienced. These include technique and speed development with strength stability training.

Workshops, Classes and Training Sessions: Throughout the year we offer a number of differing Workshops, Classes and Training Sessions that are open to all. Keep your eye on social media and our events page to keep up to date.

If you would like to talk to one of our coaches then please get in touch.  Call 0114 242 2569. Alternatively follow the link below and tell us what you are looking for and one of our coaches will call you back.

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