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Mindset Coaching and Mental Health - New to Accelerate Performance Centre

Your Active Health is Important!

Injury and pain can stop any one of us in our tracks.  When pain and injury strikes it is important to see the right professional quickly for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
Our Podiatrists and Physios have years of experience in treating a wide range of injuries and can help you get back to the sport and day to day life as quickly as possible.

In addition the Accelerate Performance Centre also offers a fully bespoke and tailored coaching service. This can work in tandem with the medical team as part of injury rehabilitation and prevention. This is something that maybe recommended to you.  To better understand who you should see and for what please read on…

Podiatry: You should see a Podiatrist (Lower Limb Specialist) for:

Physiotherapy: For all other injuries and situations where you are experiencing ongoing pain we would recommend you see a Physiotherapist.

  • Knee, Hip and low back pain
  • Neck, shoulders and general back mobility issues and discomfort
  • Any mobility and movement issues that cause pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Post surgery, including knee and hip operations

Massage and Muscular Therapy: Many chronic injuries are a result of a niggle that has gone unchecked.

Don’t wait for a niggle to become an injury.

Localised soreness, delayed onset muscle soreness and tight (knots) muscles are always better if treated early. We would highly recommend ‘a hands on approach’ to dealing with muscular soreness and stiffness through massage and treatments like Dry Needling. In this way injuries can be prevented and training and racing can be more often than not maintained’  Treatments can include:

  • Massage and Muscular Therapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Fascia Release

Coaching for Running

This is something that we can tailor to you, your current fitness and your goals.  The APC coaches can work across any age and any sport that involves running, including Team Sports such as football.
Our Coaches offer more than just training planning:

  • Bespoke, periodised training plans
  • Road, Track, Trail, Fell and Ultra Running
  • Mind Set Coaching and Mental Health
  • Running Technique
  • Strength and Stability Training
  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Lactate Testing for heart rate users
  • Group or 1 to 1 Sessions
  • Movement and Gait Analysis

Mindset Coaching and Mental Health: Increasingly we find Mental Health a key reason to ‘run for health’. Mindset Coaching is about finding ways and processes to deal with and understand mental issues, for both health-runners and the more competitive. Mindset Coaching is for more than for just running, it is also utilised greatly and successfully for helping with issues arising from everyday life.